A collection of quotes from current and former employees about their struggles at Google (A SEQUEL to “The Devil Wears Patagonia Swag”)

I had been so focused on staring at the rough sea in front of me, I didn’t realize I wasn’t on an island at all! Behind me there was an entire continent of people waiting for the same lifeboat…

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“Forest of Resonating Lamps” © teamLab, Tokyo

The Beginning of my Second Life

Confucius said “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one”.

My second life began after I hit ‘send’ and shared my farewell email (and my article — The Devil Wears Patagonia Swag) with less than a hundred colleagues at Google — one day before my last, almost…

How therapy, vulnerability and cathartic writing saved me, and what happened right before I hit ‘send’ (A PREQUEL to “The Devil Wears Patagonia Swag”)

The shift in my narrative started when my doctor told me (with some extremely refreshing realism and much needed directness): “Marco, you are burned out, but you are not clinically anxious or depressed…you just have a shitty job!” BOOM! That changed everything for me. I wasn’t the weak, broken, incapacitated cog they wanted me to believe I was. Instead, I was on to something.

To explain the magic that happened after I hit ‘send’, I need to uncover all the s**t that happened right before (👉 or you can skip to the SEQUEL to find out…)

Robots vs. Humans

I had spent months…

Why leaving Google after 10 years has been way harder than joining (and the only way to rescue my mental health, get my confidence back, and free my full potential)

I soon realized I wasn’t broken, I was simply spinning too fast, inside the wrong, incompatible machine. So, I took one of the most important decisions of my life…I stopped spinning!”


I don’t speak the truth. I don’t even speak my truth. Nobody can. Truth is objective, rational and irrefutable. Humans are none of those things (and neither are companies). Humans “speak” stories. And this is my story, as I’ve experienced it on my skin, in the way it affected and was perceived by me. So take it as my personal 10 year experience at Google, because even I will…

Marco in a BOX

An old soul, a traveler, a dreamer. Italian expat living in San Francisco, I make videos, scribble things, and seek authentic connections with fellow explorers.

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